CERTIFIED SERVICES has been awarded two certificates:

Ethical and responsible online trade of dogs’s entire management system and dog trade services were assessed for the ethical and responsible treatment of the dogs and puppies the company works with. Our audit was observed during one live example, and the auditor felt that we met their high standards for good practice. Steps examined by the auditor included our method of:

  • choosing and assessing a breeder,
  • checking a puppy,
  • our thorough medical screening,
  • our delivery services

and last but not least the quality of our after sales and follow up services.

It is after rigorous inspection that has been finally certified as a company that conducts Ethical and responsible online trade of dogs.

We are proud that such a highly regarded independent body has recognised our efforts to do business in the most ethical and responsible way possible.

ISO 26000:2010 certified business model ‘ethical and responsible online trade of dogs’ has also been assessed for social responsibility and has been awarded an ISO 26000. ISO 26000 details how businesses can operate in a socially responsible manner; acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society.

The Key Principles, outlined by ISO 26000 as the roots of socially responsible behaviour, are:

  • accountability,
  • transparency,
  • ethical behaviour,
  • respect for stakeholder interests,
  • respect for the rule of law,
  • respect for international norms of behaviour,
  • respect for human rights.

The Seven Core tenets, which every ISO 26000 beneficiary has to keep in mind are:

  • organizational governance,
  • human rights,
  • labour practices,
  • environment,
  • fair operating practices,
  • consumer issues,
  • community involvement and development. makes sure that all the dogs and puppies it works with are handled in the best way possible during the processes of selection, treatment and travel. All involved in the process are properly trained and guided for ensure ethical excellence. We at refuse to work with breeders and dog owners that resort to cruel and unethical means.

Even though, works with the best dogs the USA & Europe has to offer, we do our best to help those animals that are less fortunate. We therefore make sure that a portion of our profit goes to these unlucky dogs. We promise to do our utmost to not only maintain, but continuously improve our standards.

To our knowledge, is the first ever online platform dedicated to dealing in live animal trade, to be awarded these certificates. We therefore believe ourselves to be the World’s most ethical online dog traders. All of us at are very proud of working for a company that puts ethical treatment of animals as its core inspiration and we strive to keep our good work up to the highest of standards not only to derive a sense of pride from our work, but also because we strongly believe in maintaining the dignity of the animals we deal with.